Web design and development
Build a website
We make websites from scratch. That includes all coding/programming, design (including professional photography), search engine optimization, even proofreading. The contents is largely up to you; we do, however, offer copyediting and advice on how to structure the information for a better user experience. Need to register a domain name and arrange hosting for it? We do that too.

We can also build, customize and "tune" a site powered by a publishing platform (like Wordpress) to suit your needs.

All our sites are guaranteed to have healthy code validated by W3C. All are responsive and will display well on a screen of any size. All come with a month of free changes/corrections after the date of completion.
Make my website look and/or work better
Well, let's see. What do you want it to do? (Yes, having your logo do jumping jacks on the front page might be a good idea... in a right context.)

We'll start with the review of your website's contents, design, usability, code health and search engine friendliness. All that being in order, we'll move on to... whatever you want. It can be a blog, a gallery or a slideshow, an online shop, a music player, a contact form, a calendar, a message board, an email sign-up form, a database of your clients or inventory, an easy way for you to update your website.

The sky is the limit.
Use social media to promote my business
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... First things first: you (most likely) need to be there. We offer help and guidance for establishing your presence across the largest, most important social networks. We will also advise you on the best way of using them. From there, you can take over and manage your very own little media empire by yourself - or have us do it.
Send beautiful emails to my fanbase customers
Have subscribers/clients who want to hear from you? Mass emails can be surprisingly tricky. They get eaten by spam filters, you don't want your recipients to see other recipients' addresses, and it's difficult - well, practically impossible - to send a nicely formatted email with images from your regular mail application.

We'll design, proofread and mass-send a beautiful email that won't break in different mail apps and won't be thrown out as spam. Once it's sent, we'll tell you all about how it fared: how many people opened it, clicked on your links, forwarded the message, etc.
Get advice on websites, social media, mailing lists, etc.
Not ready to commit to paying someone for a website or for managing your social media? Have your questions answered. Where to start? How do I go about getting a website? How to create and run a Facebook page for business? Do I need one? How to create and send a beautiful email to a hundred people at once? Googling works, sure, but it's an ocean of info, and it can be hard to fish out exactly what you need. Schedule an online chat session, or send your questions through our website.

In Utah? Even better. Book an appointment, and we can sit down over a cuppa and talk about it all. Coffee is on us.

(Initial consultation is only 79, no limit on questions answered. This consulting fee is waved if you end up working with us.)
Know how much it will cost
Once we come up with a plan of action, you will be provided with an estimate. We charge $75/hour, and your estimate will reflect that rate. We promise to be honest and efficient: coffee breaks, dilly-dallying or thumb-twiddling will never end up on your bill.

For complex and/or ongoing projects, we charge hourly. For simpler projects and social media management, we offer prix fixe options. A combination of the two is possible: you can, for example, have us build a fixed-price website, and pay the hourly rate for any future updates. (Minor updates and changes are free for the first month after project completion.)

Current fixed-price offers:
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