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 Black and white #1, Thom
 Black and white #2, Thom 
 Black and white #3, Thom 
 Toothy Thom 
 Reaching up, Thom 
 Jonny with Roland 
 Pensive Coz (and that black triangle is a bloody monitor!) 
 Thom again, Thom again 
 ...and again 
 Jonny in hot lights 
 ...and again 
 Da 'head 
 Jonny in pink 
 Smiling Coz 
 Da 'head #2 (just pretend that it's in focus) 
 ...and more glockenspiel 
 Thom & guitar 
 W00t! Colin (Thom's security) at work! 
 Groooooooovy Ed 
 Sleepy Thom  
 Jon in process of... changing 
 Smirky Thom 
 Singing Thom 
 Jonny... aw :-)  
 Best photo of the gig, hands down. Of Ed. 
 Black and white #4, Thom 
 Black and white #5, scared Thom 
 Black and white #6, Thom again 
 Black and white #7, Thom and Jonny 
 Black and white #8, Thom at the piano 
 Black and white #9, just Thom 

All images © Natalia Kutsepova 2003