Like Radiohead, we believe that creating a piece of work is only one half of the full circle. Without an audience, the work has no context, and without context, it has no message. And like Radiohead, we know that sometimes the conventional methods of reaching an audience are not always the most effective or user-friendly. We intend to push the limits of traditional distribution in order to reach viewers in the simplest and most honest way possible.

Our primary goal is to make our film available to Radiohead fans. We know that our film will appeal specifically to young computer-savvy music fans, and we intend to make it accessible through their medium of choice - the Internet. We will promote the film on the dozens of existing Radiohead fan sites, as well as on underground music, digital media, and personal networking sites. In addition to web-based promotion, we will employ such old-fashioned forms of communication as telephone, radio, printed text, and face-to-face interaction with our audience.

We plan to distribute our film through the following means:
We will establish a website for viewers to watch pieces of our film, share their own experiences, and talk with the filmmakers and characters via email, mail, and telephone.

We intend to screen the film at underground film festivals, music video and documentary festivals, digital media festivals, and at non-profit theaters and clubs which will draw an audience of young, creative artists and music lovers.

We would like to make our film, or portions of it, available for screening (at established venues and via the web) prior to live Radiohead performances, as well as during webcasts, radio broadcasts, or other times when fans gather on the web to listen and chat.

We will distribute promotional posters, including portions of interviews and photographs, at local music venues, bookstores, theaters, and galleries.

With a production company based in four U.S. cities, and characters from all over the U.S. and abroad, a key part of our promotional scheme will involve face-to-face interaction with fans and viewers around the world.

At this time we have no plans for seeking commercial distribution, but it would not be out of the question if we were approached with this opportunity. Therefore we intend to direct and edit our film to fit industry standards for general broadcast and international distribution.